Wouldn't mind a little trip back to the islita of PALMA

Palma de Mallorca
Seaside Consulate building,

Romping in the Snow: NYC Edition

The Browns hit the city to spend a snowy holiday in style.
We hit up:
-The upper east side's Atlantic Grill (more than once).

-The Jewish Heritage Museum, because we had to kill time and are always eager to learn more about bris (Jewish circumcision) and how it was still performed during the Holocaust in concentration camps.  Upon seeing a circumcision tool actually used in the extermination camps, my dad noted that it looked "like a butter knife". Well, dad, that's the best they could do when starving and breaking their backs to stay alive under the Third Reich. Needless to say, bris in the 1930s was no Sound of Music for European Jewish boys.

-Buddakhan, because we thought we'd try being trendy and eating like asian kings.

-Promises, Promises: Kristen Chenoweth had the voice, Sean Hayes had the humor and Molly Shannon provided sexual tension interpreting the raunchy cougar.
Too bad he's gay, Molly.
-The Gugennheim for the Caos and Classicism exhibit.
Mussolini wanted to show the world a new Italian image
reflecting men as rugged primitive soldiers. 
Central Park where kids attempted to sled, but really cried to their parents for not raising them in the burbs.

- Columbia University to admire the beautiful Christmas lights strung through the center of campus. 

- St. John the Divine Cathedral to feel small next to this worldly wonder.

- The Fighter where Marky Mark kills, Christian Bale kills, and we learned that crack kills. 

Happy Christmas
  Happy New Year
Now I'm busting this joint for 


Green Invention

This magic machine converts plastics to oil.

This guy stuffs recyclable plastic caps, styrofoam takeout trays and bottles into his converter and out comes GASOLINE!


Tonight's epic police escort home

I'm trying to stop my heavily palpitating heart from jumping through my sternum as I recount the last hour's events to my parents. They are highly impressed and holding back questions. This is my one and only true police encounter, and it involves no underage drinking, drugs, or college partying whatsoever (what else would you expect from such an uncorrupted young lady?)

When pulling out of my driveway with a friend at 10:30 p.m., we encountered a strange car running in my neighbor's adjoining driveway.  I continued to the street, turned towards the main road, en route to my friend's house. The car began to follow us. Five minutes later, it was still proceeding to follow us and across town, the same thing.

Instead of pulling into my friend's driveway, I told her not to be totally alarmed (although I was sweating, playing over chase scenes from The Town in my mind), but that someone had been following us and I was not comfortable dropping her off. We looped back to the main road, moving quickly all the while, crushing speed bumps, and with the pursuant still on our tail.  freeeeakin outttt.  Once on the main road, I sped towards the police station, because neither of us had cell phones to call the police (I know what you're thinking: social suicide, right? I could've missed, like, two bbms!).  Meanwhile, the car behind me is swerving over the double yellow lines, almost scraping my bumper and not slowing donw.

Once peeling into the police station lot, he passed to the right of my parked vehicle, which allowed me to see his car and note the make, color and plates (SCHWING! Points for Annie Bond).  A few minutes later, I calmly pulled around the police building to exit the parking lot and came upon the car- parked in the one way exit, lights on, engine running.  Twenty feet behind it, I checked the plates again and thought about pulling my car half off the road and onto the grass to just blaze by him.  But no, he wouldn't let me slip away so easily with such a stunt.

The guy got out of his green Jimmy (I felt so confident in my Ford Explorer [great 4x4 in the snow]) and stood there smugly, my headlights drowning his scraggly figure in his over sized gray sweatshirt and work boots.  He was roughly my height and, I thought, if he didn't look like he would maybe vomit on me, I would try to take him.  Out of our windows we asked him what his problem was, and, without advancing towards us, he said to back up and go back to the police station where a cop was being sent over.  He asked us why we were running. He did not provoke us, but told us to go wait for the police to come, continuing to suggest that we "knew why" he was calling us in.  Backing up, I hoped Mr. Crazypants DID call the police, so they would come and take him off our hands.

We bolted around the building to the entrance of the parking lot and fled to my friend's house to call the police, frantically checking my rear view for his lights.  An officer came over and talked to us, confirmed the description, immediately recognized the "townie character" and promised he would find and talk to him tonight.  After giving him my D.O.B. and other personal stats (cell phone, marital status, preferred romantic restaurant in town), my hero of the night guided me home.

I have never felt so important as when reporting the incident to the dispatch officer on the phone, articulating each action in brief detail.  For a moment, it felt as though my glorified car chase through Manchester-by-the-sea was REAL crime-crushing material.  As if Annie was putting an end to exploitation, drug trafficking and rape (whoa, no need to applaud yourself there, kiddo).  In reality, I drove my friend home safely and got a healthy adrenaline rush from an old drunk Jimmy driver.  PRETTY EXCITING STUFF FOR A SMALL TOWN GAL.


Talented Teens Perfect Ping Pong Ball Tossing

Last year's freshmen rule the school.

Video published in May, 2010... again, lots of studying during finals week at HC

Elefantes (elephants)

  Elephants, with their trunks up, bring good luck!

1.) Funky fresh stationary from Small Joys in Bedford, New York.

 2.) The Elephant House in Edinbergh, Scotland... great view, lots of elephant accents, where J.K. wrote H.P. 

I gave this mug to my brother last Christmas.
Don't expect much this year, bud.

3.) Banksy's art exhibition in a warehouse in Los Angeles, CA 


U.S. History Lesson

Just finished my last exam in U.S. History 1890-1945.

Let's review using my candidates from sophomore year's MANuary campaign:

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.
Russia joins Allies against Germans after Hitler breaks pact with Stalin.

Churchill, Stalin and F.D.R (the man) meet at Yalta Conference to create "island-hopping" territorial takeover in February, 1945.

After murdering approx. 6 million Jews, Hitler commits suicide April 30, 1945.

America says goodnight to Japan, dropping 2 a-bombs on August 6 & 9, 1945.

Germany and Japan surrendered and American troops discovered the cruel realities of concentration camps.

U.S. claims world economic and political supremacy and
the "freedom to make love to American women."
-Robert Westbrook, Why We Fought.


One more semester til my Bachelorette's Degree!

Christmas has come early, amigos.

I was getting nostalgic and thinking about the end of the year, but you know what saved me? Recapping fall semester! And you know how I did that? By listening to this little diddy.

(Song produced in September 2010 by yours truly. Video produced exam week, December 2010.)

New study strategy

While reading, imagine Morgan Freeman narrating the text, like in March of the Penguins.
 Or Sigourney Weaver, from Planet Earth.


What makes Stein so great? Well, it's named after a nun named Edith, love her like a sister. 

AND there's the MRC...

(my temporary office)

...AND there's CB2!

Angela wins barista of the semester. Starbucks can step off!


Marley Tribute

Tall and Blonde,
They form a special bond.
          From New York and D.C.,
          They united at HC.
Mulledy One Central,
Things got a little mental.
A year abroad didn't crack them apart,
Nothing could split their soul mate hearts.
           Now captains of club field hockey and both have brothers,
           They're natural milfs, they won't settle as mothers.
Still friends as seniors, as dictates fate,
YES, the Marleys live on- they're Caitlin and Kate! 

In this picture, they're just being Marleys.

Here, they're merely sophomores, but still nailing it. 

Today's Marley moment: Starbucks at 3:45 p.m. EST.  Waiting for my shot of espresso and her sugar free skinny vanilla latte, Caitlin turned to me and said (pointing), "You know, this is Kate's favorite cup currently for sale." She proceeded to fondly look over her shoulder at her Marley counterpart. Kate, on cue, turned as well and nodded her head.


This is not a Halloween costume, this is the original Gaga.

 David Bowie is like the male Madonna. Well, that's questionable, she is probably more masculine.

You be the judge.

This is all very relative to a very special project that my current room mate, Abigail, former room mate, Shannon, and freshman hall mate, Ellie,  have been designing for years. Here is a preview:  Jim Henson's Labyrinth.  
(***Temperatures drop at 2 min. 10 secs.)

Kinda reminds me of Hayden in one of his 'dancing on table' spells. But Bowie is a legend, so take that as a compliment.

Jim Henson's 1986 seriously creepy and genius movie is one of his greatest works, among others like Fraggle Rock and A Muppet Christmas Carol.
(**Peace signs up to anyone who can pick out the senior duo most like Marley and Marley)


Sci Cafe - Hot Chocolate experiment

Hypothesis: If you try to slurp down just the whipped cream, the contents below it will shoot down your throat  causing you to expel the scalding liquid onto the science building atrium's floor.

Results:  Tongue and thumb are burnt.

Conclusion: I tried it. Don't let the seductive Swiss Miss package lure you in with its mountainous landscape.

Alternate recommendation: Whatever they're selling that has bacon in it, because the whole building wreaks of delicious pig fat and I want some.

i'd rather "sprawl" than "do what i do"

This is my room mate's blog:  SPRAWL II

It is also the reason I took a leave of absence from the blog world, out of complete respect and awe of her artistic genius).

Throw back videos, pictures and personal favorites.

Study week: Annie's Assignments

Start your engines for some explosive blogging, movie producing, music and art exploring.

1. Hit up some Loggy for studying: pump these free tracks through your oversized headphones (www. loggymusic.com

2. Good Music All Day posts music made by college kids for college kids: so take a study break and lose yourself here (www. goodmusicallday.com)

3. If you just handed in a few essays, take a break from the library (actually don't try to go back unless you bring your own table and chair). I like to reward myself with movie and music producing.  Here's a fan-favorite:

4. Get inspired by banksy and shepard fairey to make your own tags.  Often times, your creative designs make for ballpoint pen tattoos and colorful notebook doodles. The fruits of boredom often invent genius, think like Zuckerberg's social awkwardness and the creation of facebook or Holy Cross study week and "The Bloghouse".

5. This should get your creative ideas flowing: Dear blank, please blank provides lots of ammunition for facebook posting.

And finally, don't forget to try out the experimental Sci-Cafe hours and menu.  Oh Mamie Reilly, procrastinate away.


Hard Earned Power to Party- students don't take it lightly

The 11 o'clock news in Boston showed this clip on CBS: CBS's attempt.  Channel 5 also scurried to the scene. 
Most students feel that our drinking behavior may be excessive, but still acceptable. It is mostly limited to weekends, which prevents the issue of work-week disturbances.  Students should not excuse themselves for partying. 

We are a loving, hard-working community, studying and growing spiritually in order to serve others.  And yes, we like to party.

 Who did this partying and roadside paint job negatively affect in the worcester community?  How many positive actions have we taken to improve the worcester community as a student body? It's true that building dorms will reduce our off-campus activity, but not all of it.   If we could peacefully drink on campus we wouldn't venture off as much and cause noise and destruction in the neighborhood's streets. 
Who could make this man out to be a villain?

SOLUTION: Allow alcohol to be served on campus at the pub and in dorms for students 18+.  Many school presidents, including Fr. McF, want to change the system. They can't change our habits. We won't stop partying.


Removing Our Beer Goggles to Claim Social Responsibility

Back at Holy Cross, seniors are having a good time.  Between the academic load (brutal reality after being abroad) and applying to jobs, we are actually seizing every opportunity to go to bars or day drink... which could seem inappropriate to employers or our tuition paying parents.  It is, however, our last year of college, freedom and, essentially, youth.  

To many of the college-crazed, college is better than "real life" for the following reasons:
1.) We consume alcohol almost daily without dealing with workplace repercussions of getting fired for lack of productivity.
2.) We hang out with our friends 24/7.
3.) We selfishly don't have huge bills or taxes to pay, or mouths to feed.
4.) We do not sit at a desk from 9-5.
5.) We live in dingy dirty apartments and it is socially acceptable.
6.) We are sexually promiscuous, experimental and independent.
7.) We still have relatively active metabolisms.
8.) Middle aged adults enjoy letting loose with us to feel young, thus we freeload at events like tailgates and birthday dinners.
9.) We are the marketing world's target for fashion trends and can interpret the hottest looks however we please.
****10.) And what I find most important is our duty, as free-thinking, well-educated visionaries, to expand the minds of politicians, institutions and our elders.  We graduate from college as soldiers of justice, serving our communities as global citizens.

 SO in our final year of college freedom and ultimately AFTER COLLEGE, what are we to do?

Are we joining grassroots political movements to save the environment? Are we protesting the war like the hippies before us opposed Vietnam? Are we living thriftly and earning our living through hard-earned labor? NOPE. It's no wonder the working class sees us as spoiled undeserving brats when we enter the work place expecting great responsibility and annual pay raises.

I am challenging my generation to harness their Christian good will, education and privilege.  To have a positive impact on our communities to better ourselves and each other.  Read newspapers, connect with people of different cultures, races, classes.  Reach out to those who bear heavier economic, racial and gender burdens.
Getting cheesy- reminds me of the Michael Jackson song, Heal the World.


Mallorca seems far from Manchester...

Almost like a dream floating in Annie Land's envagination (envisioning and imagination). Here is what happened on the island before we packed up our treasures and memories and headed home.

Mallorca and its adventures came to an end. No more freedom and fun pirating an ransacking the island.  However, during my last month there I definitely took advantage of my secret reserve of euros for touring, beaching and being wild.  How did the eight of us culturally enlightened Holy Cross juniors maximize our final days? To appropriately pay homage to a year absorbing a new culture and its two languages, we submitted to the island's tourist attractions and hit up entertaining sites.  It involved two rental cars, clubbing with South Americans and Brits, tanning at tens of new beaches and goodbye parties, a night at a seedy hotel, and a concert.  There may have been a brief casino pit stop.


My boyfriend

Lorenzo, the homeless man who comes weekly to clean and repair things in my home-stay house, has become my good friend, or as I'd like to say boy friend. Never mind that he is an over 50, overweight, alcoholic immigrant from the Dominican Republic. My parents will understand after they hear of this prince's tales.

A month ago, he came by to give me a plant. I didn't ask questions, I just thought "Hey that's thoughtful."

Then for my birthday, a box of chocolates. "Okay, another nice gesture, and so sweet that he coughed up money that he doesn't have."

Last week, it was a used bike, so out of shocking curiosity I had to ask, "So, Lorenzo, where did you come across a cheap used bike for me?" He told me that he observed another drunkard park it and head into a bar for some drinks and when he came out, he hopped on the bike next to the one he rode in on. Lorenzo figured the original bike, likely stolen, was up for grabs. So it was a twice stolen bike. Not bad, but I had to refuse seeing as I have no storage space in this crowded island metropolis.  He seemed to understand my personal reasons for not accepting.

So he came around with gardening trinkets a few days ago and we got to talking more intimately about his family, 6 children from multiple women, and his own upbringing between different mothers and without a dad.  He taught me a few things about carpentry and house work, he has a vast skill set in being crafty.  We bonded over coffee (I take mine with soy milk, his with whiskey) while he puffed on his intricately hand rolled cigarettes and I asked him if he wanted to top off the afternoon with some chocolate from the cupboard. He said he doesn't care for sweets, and my Spanish madre hollered in from her lounge chair in the tv room that it's because he's an alcoholic.  I declared liking both alcohol and sweets to prove that I am not an alcoholic and left the house to run errands.

Today, I came home from school and there was a wrapped gift on the counter with a note "on behalf of Lorenzo".  A fat chocolate cigar.  A combination of his vices and mine.

So Clever.
            And sweet.

You think we'll get married?


A public passing of gas

The girl next to me on the bus this morning passed gas, spreading a smell so horrid that I think she herself made a stank face. In order to suppress my instinctual reaction, I thought of why we are repulsed by human odors, which are natural (sweat, breath, and, well, the current subject matter) but are turned on by other scents such as foods, herbs and flowers.

What if we fancied the smell of poop instead of lilacs or your mom's apple crisp? We would be attracted farting culprits, maybe even congratulate them for their sweet-smelling brew and take big whiffs.  Instead of saying, "Hey babe, you look great in that skirt," it would be, "Your scent is flavorful and unique.  Did you have cheese and mushroom omelet for breakfast?" We would spritz these excretory odors on our necks to let its musk linger on our clothing and impress the opposite sex.  leaving a smelly bathroom behind would be a feat, not something to run from.

This is what helped me refrain from making an obscene funk face on the bus this morning.  Meanwhile, the other passengers probably thought I was the guilty one for gazing out the window with a slight grin (in AnnieLand as usual, pondering an opposite-day-dream) as my neighbor pinched her nose out of embarrassment for her body's ability to concoct such a powerful stench.

Although she and I know the truth of who released today's lingering bus beast, let's just say I look forward to walking to school tomorrow.


Selena and her legacy

Selena had her own Coca-Cola ad on tv, movie starring J-Lo, and many hit songs that live in the hearts of girls throughout America.  As a newly discovered (bilingual) idol of mine, my friends put the lyrics to one of her famed hits on my birthday cake.  Please note the voice and body that Selena rocks. Not to mention the authentic moves and costumes that you can watch in this compiled video!

What a fox>>>

Fooled by sneaky soccer playing South Americans

A new crowd, a new cake. I had so many darn beautiful and delicious cakes during my birthday season! This one is me at the soccer field with my South American amigas celebrating after my twenty first and our victory that afternoon.

This was after they told me to take a small bite (I believed it was for good luck for the year) and they shoved it in my face. 

This is Amateur Annie, reporting live from the barrios of Palma.

Birthday Buddy

Fast friends>>>>>
Found this picture of me smiling with the taxista! What a night! I think our troupe of young American girls was the perfect way to ring in his 51st. Even if it wasn't my real birthday that day.

Taking it off

This Friday, my friends and I took a bus to Es Trenc, a long silky sanded beach on the southeast coast of the island, that is also nude friendly! All of Mallorca's beaches are welcoming to topless beach-goers, but this one invites people of all shapes, sizes and ages.  After a few hours of swimming, playing beach paddle and a long walk along the shore I was inspired by my inner island spirit to follow suit, and I went topless! It felt empowering and natural. The one boy in our group of students abroad was glad to know that we have such a close friendship that I could comfortably go topless with him.
(foreground: Bryana enjoying Spanish radio waves and UV rays
background: topless Annie praising the sea's salt air)

I can't say that participating in public nude activities is a new favorite of mine (i.e. nude sports, nude in the work place or at school or nude eating), but I find an occasional embrace of nudist culture to be healthy and fun, as long as the people I am with are comfortable and the beach isn't loaded with gawkers.  I will have to find some top-optional beaches in the U.S. to let the euro ritual live on.

For interesting articles and info on living in the buff, visit this adventurous site that publicizes nude restaurants, family ranches and hikes.


Cooking in a Spanish kitchen ain't easy

It is Saturday morning, you have just woken up after many hours out dancing and few spent asleep, and you must put on a dress and prepare a luncheon for Spanish women (who are champs in the kitchen and are born entertainers).

This was the reality my friend, Bryana, and I faced this weekend.  We are compiling a cook book/ restaurant guide as a year long independent study project and our two "madres" gave us cooking classes as part of it.  As a small thank you to them, we invited them to an American style meal at my apartment and to not worry or bring anything.  They expected us to fail or need their guidance in shopping and cooking, but we had them just where we wanted them.  We knew we could somehow pull off a few basic recipes and wow them with our common sense and creativity.

 (Opening a bottle of wine while the two mama's {Carmen and Antonia} pose for Bryana)
So that morning, we kicked my Spanish madre out of the kitchen, closed the door and told her not to return until one o'clock when we would serve and greet the guests. A little smoke and a slippery floor later, we had put together a three course meal that would make my mother's jaw drop.  As an appetizer to pick at were potato chips (store bought and a must have at all Spanish meals) and red wine. 

First course: Mango, avocado, mozarella salad
Second Course: Burgers seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and stuffed with bacon and onions with a side of grilled vegetables
Third course: Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.
(Bryana patiently and politely waiting to dive in for her first sandwich)

We enjoyed a sunny afternoon chatting and eating, but most importantly receiving praise for our talent in the kitchen. I have to admit that I was nervous up to the minute the doorbell rang, but the satisfaction of a hard-earned meal and their approval was worth the 45 euro grocery bill and the kudos we received from our madres.


prague-a-log in my blog

Prague is beautiful, ain't no denying that.

I flew up through Madrid Barajas to visit two childhood friends for a 4 day stay. These two girls were WONDERFUL HOSTESSES!
Sarah and Lauren on their way to class! Not so thrilled after a night out, but the sun was shining and we were reunited together in an the city with the most puppets per capita (fun fact)! We toured the shopping streets in the Old Town Square, visited the Lobkowicz Museum at the Bohemian castle, sunbathed in the beer garden of Park Letna, crossed the Charles bridge, ate at Clear Head vegetarian restaurant, drank blackberry brew... I don't think we missed a thing. Oh, but maybe the Jewish Cemetery, which my mom was upset about. In Old Jewish Town, it dates back to 1439 and is a must see (unless you are don't listen to your mother, like I did. But I'm sure I will see Prague again). 

We did all that AND went out at night. Oh to be young. 

We went to Radost, where Rhianna filmed her music video for "Please don't stop the music" and Sa Sa Zu which were both great places for drinks and dancing. I recommend Radost for funky beats and Sa Sa Zu for a Euro disco night out of dancing.

I left very satisfied to have seen where my two friends spent their semester, and experience the crown currency, pastel buildings and hop-on hop-off tram that were three characterstics of Prague I enjoyed the most.

April: in a flash

Now that it's May, I think I will recap April's birthday festivites!  According to Ke$ha (pop singer) "The party don't stop 'til I walk in", but my party requirement is that it don't stop 'til 8 a.m.

I celebrated with many friends on the island just like Lionel Richie has taught me well, all night long. Starting with the sun setting over Palma's port, we toasted to falling in love with Spain this year, our next year as seniors together and a promise to return to the island. We hopped in taxis (it was the driver's 51st birthday that day, so I lied and said that it was my actual birthday even though it was a week before as means of brightening up his shift and making a new friend)  and drove up, up, up to restaurant Na Burguesa at the top of a monument site that overlooks the bay. Breathtaking views and great food and wine were enjoyed. A short spout of acid reflux set my stomach awry, but with tricks from friends I was able to overcome that obstacle before eating a surprise cake from Scuarcia (reaction photo above).

We called up my birthday buddy and drove back down to the Paseo Marítmo where bars were filling with tourists from yachts and cruises.  The spanish locals made their way out to the scene around 1 or 2 a.m. and we were dancing along the port's boardwalk form bar to bar.

As the sun rose and the parties were still alive we headed home. Well, first we stopped for hamburgers and footlong sausages at Grillmeister with maybe a few rounds of fries to accompany the classic german delights.


Oprah's talent search

She better take my application seriously. I hear the O-mama is looking for a talk show host for her new network, and I am expecting a personal phone call and signing bonus.

My skills and how to apply them to my talk show future:
-Personable: getting to know people (useful for interviewing my show's guests) 
-Educating others: about my opinions, world news and pop culture (communicating to public via national tv)
-Being blonde (like Diane Sawyer, Ellen Degen, Chelsea Lately, and Kelly Rippa) but I am a natural.
-Bilingual: much like cartoon sensation Dora the Explorer (cater to the large Hispanic population in U.S.)
-Youth: have the energy and time for a LONG career (less wrinkles require less makeup tricks)
-College student: (younger perspective/ generation- always keeping things fresh fresh fresh in show bizz)
-The list goes on to the nth degree of my qualifications. 

Oprah, hear me out girl. I am the one you need and the one the world wants!!


Birthday Pre-game... more festivites to come

I turned 21 on Monday, April 5th and, because I have post-poned throwing a party, this is what went down.

I woke up and walked outside to find a sunny day in Palma and my friendly neighbors asleep on the street. I decided not to disturb this buddy- just snapped a little b-day shot, because I'm sure he would've wanted to wished me happiness if he weren't passed out from celebrating too hard.

A troupe of 5 girls met me at Dunkin Donuts where I took a double shot of caffeine (espresso), although I was naturally energized with excitment, and we headed to the bus station.

Kathleen and Kristen flew in from Edinburgh, Julia and Chase made it down from Galway for their spring break and Liz Collins wanted in on the fun, too.

First stop: We headed 30 minutes north to Valldemossa to see a remote town with a view of hills and farms.  We got ice creams and local pastries and soaked up the sun.
B-DAY CONE! (note backpack with celebration beer for the beach)
Next stop: We took the second bus to end on the northern coast of the island in Deía. We quickly descended to the town's beach along a hiking trail and ate lunch on the rocks.

We took a walk along the cliffs for some more beautiful vistas and set up a timer between some rocks to get a GROUP SHOT:

We hiked back up to the town center and stopped at a restaurant for a group pitcher of sangria and relaxing before our bus ride back. In Palma, we threw on makeup and jeans for a chilly water front walk to Portixol, a small inlet next to Palma.  We ate vegetarian and shellfish paella and my friends topped off the meal with a surprise white chocolate treat with a candle!

Who knew twenty one would make me so responsible!!  Real party approaching. Beware.


A Broad Travels Abroad

(pictured: Bryana Knight, me, Cathy Brown, Wan Yi Fang)
POLITICAL PRESS: Reporting from Palma, Cathy Brown was spotted this week on her bi-annual visit to the island.  Cathy's publicly-made visit was a gesture of political candor to maintain correspondance with her prized and only daughter, Annie.  Strolling the stone streets together, they hit chic restaurants, shops, hair salons and even a few educational tourist attractions to demonstrate their various interests.  Between their busy touring and social schedules, they found time for some diplomatic photo shoots around the island at famous sites and with important local figures.
(pictured: Cathy Brown, me, Antonia Puig Ledesma)
The two discussed their governing philosophies, cultural tastes, and moral ideals and reached an accord  at the 2010 AnnieLand - CathyTown summit meetings.  The mother-daughter power couple summed up their conference with the following synopses:

AnnieLand: Where salt water is the cure to everything: sweat, tears or the sea.
Citizens and vacationers visit this fictitious getaway to relax in a colorful environment, enjoy music from around the world, and experiment with their fashion using whimsical styles.  Body paint, blending art with architecture and serving the community are in style.  Eco-friendly living, outdoor sports, and meeting new people (be they exotic, eclectic, or plain Janes) are musts.

CathyTown: Where "C" is for "classy".
 In this ideal metropolitan community jay-walking is legal, cars are bat-mobiles, and all hail golf and their accountants.  A trendy fun city with loads of bars, restaurants and modern architecture. The city even has its own museum district nearby the world-renown theater quarter. Domestic goddesses and housewives are at a minimum- instead they all have jobs and are at the helm of the family.  Patience is a virtue and reading books is a required activity.

                   ...long live the Brown Kingdoms.