This is not a Halloween costume, this is the original Gaga.

 David Bowie is like the male Madonna. Well, that's questionable, she is probably more masculine.

You be the judge.

This is all very relative to a very special project that my current room mate, Abigail, former room mate, Shannon, and freshman hall mate, Ellie,  have been designing for years. Here is a preview:  Jim Henson's Labyrinth.  
(***Temperatures drop at 2 min. 10 secs.)

Kinda reminds me of Hayden in one of his 'dancing on table' spells. But Bowie is a legend, so take that as a compliment.

Jim Henson's 1986 seriously creepy and genius movie is one of his greatest works, among others like Fraggle Rock and A Muppet Christmas Carol.
(**Peace signs up to anyone who can pick out the senior duo most like Marley and Marley)

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