Hard Earned Power to Party- students don't take it lightly

The 11 o'clock news in Boston showed this clip on CBS: CBS's attempt.  Channel 5 also scurried to the scene. 
Most students feel that our drinking behavior may be excessive, but still acceptable. It is mostly limited to weekends, which prevents the issue of work-week disturbances.  Students should not excuse themselves for partying. 

We are a loving, hard-working community, studying and growing spiritually in order to serve others.  And yes, we like to party.

 Who did this partying and roadside paint job negatively affect in the worcester community?  How many positive actions have we taken to improve the worcester community as a student body? It's true that building dorms will reduce our off-campus activity, but not all of it.   If we could peacefully drink on campus we wouldn't venture off as much and cause noise and destruction in the neighborhood's streets. 
Who could make this man out to be a villain?

SOLUTION: Allow alcohol to be served on campus at the pub and in dorms for students 18+.  Many school presidents, including Fr. McF, want to change the system. They can't change our habits. We won't stop partying.

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