Birthday Pre-game... more festivites to come

I turned 21 on Monday, April 5th and, because I have post-poned throwing a party, this is what went down.

I woke up and walked outside to find a sunny day in Palma and my friendly neighbors asleep on the street. I decided not to disturb this buddy- just snapped a little b-day shot, because I'm sure he would've wanted to wished me happiness if he weren't passed out from celebrating too hard.

A troupe of 5 girls met me at Dunkin Donuts where I took a double shot of caffeine (espresso), although I was naturally energized with excitment, and we headed to the bus station.

Kathleen and Kristen flew in from Edinburgh, Julia and Chase made it down from Galway for their spring break and Liz Collins wanted in on the fun, too.

First stop: We headed 30 minutes north to Valldemossa to see a remote town with a view of hills and farms.  We got ice creams and local pastries and soaked up the sun.
B-DAY CONE! (note backpack with celebration beer for the beach)
Next stop: We took the second bus to end on the northern coast of the island in Deía. We quickly descended to the town's beach along a hiking trail and ate lunch on the rocks.

We took a walk along the cliffs for some more beautiful vistas and set up a timer between some rocks to get a GROUP SHOT:

We hiked back up to the town center and stopped at a restaurant for a group pitcher of sangria and relaxing before our bus ride back. In Palma, we threw on makeup and jeans for a chilly water front walk to Portixol, a small inlet next to Palma.  We ate vegetarian and shellfish paella and my friends topped off the meal with a surprise white chocolate treat with a candle!

Who knew twenty one would make me so responsible!!  Real party approaching. Beware.

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