Romping in the Snow: NYC Edition

The Browns hit the city to spend a snowy holiday in style.
We hit up:
-The upper east side's Atlantic Grill (more than once).

-The Jewish Heritage Museum, because we had to kill time and are always eager to learn more about bris (Jewish circumcision) and how it was still performed during the Holocaust in concentration camps.  Upon seeing a circumcision tool actually used in the extermination camps, my dad noted that it looked "like a butter knife". Well, dad, that's the best they could do when starving and breaking their backs to stay alive under the Third Reich. Needless to say, bris in the 1930s was no Sound of Music for European Jewish boys.

-Buddakhan, because we thought we'd try being trendy and eating like asian kings.

-Promises, Promises: Kristen Chenoweth had the voice, Sean Hayes had the humor and Molly Shannon provided sexual tension interpreting the raunchy cougar.
Too bad he's gay, Molly.
-The Gugennheim for the Caos and Classicism exhibit.
Mussolini wanted to show the world a new Italian image
reflecting men as rugged primitive soldiers. 
Central Park where kids attempted to sled, but really cried to their parents for not raising them in the burbs.

- Columbia University to admire the beautiful Christmas lights strung through the center of campus. 

- St. John the Divine Cathedral to feel small next to this worldly wonder.

- The Fighter where Marky Mark kills, Christian Bale kills, and we learned that crack kills. 

Happy Christmas
  Happy New Year
Now I'm busting this joint for 

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