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Prague is beautiful, ain't no denying that.

I flew up through Madrid Barajas to visit two childhood friends for a 4 day stay. These two girls were WONDERFUL HOSTESSES!
Sarah and Lauren on their way to class! Not so thrilled after a night out, but the sun was shining and we were reunited together in an the city with the most puppets per capita (fun fact)! We toured the shopping streets in the Old Town Square, visited the Lobkowicz Museum at the Bohemian castle, sunbathed in the beer garden of Park Letna, crossed the Charles bridge, ate at Clear Head vegetarian restaurant, drank blackberry brew... I don't think we missed a thing. Oh, but maybe the Jewish Cemetery, which my mom was upset about. In Old Jewish Town, it dates back to 1439 and is a must see (unless you are don't listen to your mother, like I did. But I'm sure I will see Prague again). 

We did all that AND went out at night. Oh to be young. 

We went to Radost, where Rhianna filmed her music video for "Please don't stop the music" and Sa Sa Zu which were both great places for drinks and dancing. I recommend Radost for funky beats and Sa Sa Zu for a Euro disco night out of dancing.

I left very satisfied to have seen where my two friends spent their semester, and experience the crown currency, pastel buildings and hop-on hop-off tram that were three characterstics of Prague I enjoyed the most.

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