April: in a flash

Now that it's May, I think I will recap April's birthday festivites!  According to Ke$ha (pop singer) "The party don't stop 'til I walk in", but my party requirement is that it don't stop 'til 8 a.m.

I celebrated with many friends on the island just like Lionel Richie has taught me well, all night long. Starting with the sun setting over Palma's port, we toasted to falling in love with Spain this year, our next year as seniors together and a promise to return to the island. We hopped in taxis (it was the driver's 51st birthday that day, so I lied and said that it was my actual birthday even though it was a week before as means of brightening up his shift and making a new friend)  and drove up, up, up to restaurant Na Burguesa at the top of a monument site that overlooks the bay. Breathtaking views and great food and wine were enjoyed. A short spout of acid reflux set my stomach awry, but with tricks from friends I was able to overcome that obstacle before eating a surprise cake from Scuarcia (reaction photo above).

We called up my birthday buddy and drove back down to the Paseo Marítmo where bars were filling with tourists from yachts and cruises.  The spanish locals made their way out to the scene around 1 or 2 a.m. and we were dancing along the port's boardwalk form bar to bar.

As the sun rose and the parties were still alive we headed home. Well, first we stopped for hamburgers and footlong sausages at Grillmeister with maybe a few rounds of fries to accompany the classic german delights.

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