San Sebastian

A group of us hit up the beach yesterday, and completely forgot that we are taking classes. It was a vacation. The beach in San Sebastian is a topless one, a great for walking, and preserved with architecture along the boardwalk from the twenties it seemed like. There are floating islands with water slides for kids and loads of sailboats, windsurfing and kayaking. I am jealous that Spanish people go to this beach regularly, not just for vacation, because my beach has no such water sports or fancy restaurants/Great Gatsby hotels that serve delicious drinks and sandwiches.

When I make millions, this is where I'll have my beach house, or my honeymoon.

Pictured: Me with my friend Hadley doing our Saturday tanning routine.


Saludos de españa FREAKS!!!

I'm in Pamplona, Spain for a three week immersion program and language course before I settle down in Palma de Mallorca with a host mother.

Here are a few photos from my excursions so far.

Two are from our tour of the bull fighting arena where the head torrero (bull fighter) gave me a one-on-one lesson in the sand in front of 40 tourists.
Another one is of my room mates out on our apartment's terrace on our first night. (pictures: Hadley, Kathryn, Erica and me- looking fine after 24 hours of traveling, sweating, and being glared at by spaniards). Cheers to a new year!

The days are very long here; we eat dinner at 9 and the sun is just going down. Everything is beautiful and in this small city you can see mountains beyond all of the buildings. We are planning on going to a beach town this weekend and will take photos of the spaniards in the surf.

The euro stinks on ice.
Spanish people have awful American accents.
A vegetable sandwich means some lettuce with tunafish and six scoops of mayonnaise.
Everyone is skinny but eats, drinks and walks a lot.
Hippie moms let their kids poop on sidewalks and pick it up in plastic doggie bags.