Mallorca seems far from Manchester...

Almost like a dream floating in Annie Land's envagination (envisioning and imagination). Here is what happened on the island before we packed up our treasures and memories and headed home.

Mallorca and its adventures came to an end. No more freedom and fun pirating an ransacking the island.  However, during my last month there I definitely took advantage of my secret reserve of euros for touring, beaching and being wild.  How did the eight of us culturally enlightened Holy Cross juniors maximize our final days? To appropriately pay homage to a year absorbing a new culture and its two languages, we submitted to the island's tourist attractions and hit up entertaining sites.  It involved two rental cars, clubbing with South Americans and Brits, tanning at tens of new beaches and goodbye parties, a night at a seedy hotel, and a concert.  There may have been a brief casino pit stop.

After a year of riding the bus and metro to school we cruised around campus sporting our rented hot wheels, the TWINGO.  Yeah those big shot university Mallorquin teens were licking their chops hoping we'd invite them in for a spin. But no- off limits. Americans ONLY!

All that I have to remember my final EPIC month are some unbelievable pictures and a tourist t-shirt sporting "MALLORCA" in neon letters.  I proudly wore it home to show my Spanish mother what a tourist I could be!

We celebrated a night of seafood grilling, karaoke and disco dancing with Fabi, Gaby and Kelly.

Tried our driving skills on the s-turns of the islands mountainous death roads.

Now we are all home safe and sound. Welcome home Palmaniacs!

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