Study week: Annie's Assignments

Start your engines for some explosive blogging, movie producing, music and art exploring.

1. Hit up some Loggy for studying: pump these free tracks through your oversized headphones (www. loggymusic.com

2. Good Music All Day posts music made by college kids for college kids: so take a study break and lose yourself here (www. goodmusicallday.com)

3. If you just handed in a few essays, take a break from the library (actually don't try to go back unless you bring your own table and chair). I like to reward myself with movie and music producing.  Here's a fan-favorite:

4. Get inspired by banksy and shepard fairey to make your own tags.  Often times, your creative designs make for ballpoint pen tattoos and colorful notebook doodles. The fruits of boredom often invent genius, think like Zuckerberg's social awkwardness and the creation of facebook or Holy Cross study week and "The Bloghouse".

5. This should get your creative ideas flowing: Dear blank, please blank provides lots of ammunition for facebook posting.

And finally, don't forget to try out the experimental Sci-Cafe hours and menu.  Oh Mamie Reilly, procrastinate away.

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