spring means ¡¡Softball Season!!

This year our team is coming out stronger than ever. Spring training has involved replacing carbon monoxide batteries, airing out the basement of mold and beer odors, taking down Christmas lights and dusting off our childhood baseball mitts.  In honor of our local hero, Big Bob, we have chosen the team name Big Bob's Betches.  He received a key to the city of Worcester after killing an armed robber at his Liquor Store by Assumption College. Get the details here.

Still working on the "getting into shape" bit, but we will put our game faces on and see you on the field.

John C. Reilly the rock stah

After watching Step Brothers, everyone began using nailing it,  yet nobody talks about John C. Reilly's drum performance during the performance at the Catalina Wine Mixer. 

They put this scene in to obviously showcase Will Ferrell's vocal talent (not his spanish accent), but MOREOVER to let John rip it on the drums. Watch these two gems jam and really absorb the monster that is John C. Reilly.



OPEN THOSE HUMP DAY EYES with this beat mixed to Pixar's UP.

Or with Kanye and Kristen Chenowith? Yessssss.

Street Art with a Spin

Street art brought to a new level: graffiti yarn.

Step it up Banksy.