OPEN THOSE HUMP DAY EYES with this beat mixed to Pixar's UP.

Or with Kanye and Kristen Chenowith? Yessssss.

Street Art with a Spin

Street art brought to a new level: graffiti yarn.

Step it up Banksy.



Retirement: A Bittersweet Biting of the Dust

Renowned swimmer and Sociology major, Molly O'Brien, finished her swimming career this Saturday afternoon.  With family and friends cheering and crying in the stands, I snagged this snipe shot of her with her parents.  
Impressive career, honorable sportsmanship and solid physique. Girl, you made fish look like amateurs.

Marleys do the Mug

These two blondes were caught "Marley-ing" at Auburn's Coffee Mug on Saturday.  Don't let their matching look intimidate you- they are just a bunch of tall friendly gals who love bridging friend groups.  
The Charles Manson/Rasputin figure in the background rated their look 
a 9 out of 10 for blending in with Worcester and its people.  

The Marleys also rank Blanchard's 101 highly, a Worcester diner with charismatic wait staff.  Our waitress today suggested we join her for the local strip joint (Hurricane Betty's) women's night! It is a Super Bowl special and the seats fly (we were told to reserve seats and show up early, definitely by 6:30).  If her hot orange eye shadow didn't convince us, her account of the other women clients always in attendance of the Super Bowl's annual strip show was rousing.  The "Amazon" women who always sit across the stage from her hog the strippers and call for attention.  I'm glad I watched some football and tv ads instead of witnessing the avid female regulars get rowdy tonight.

For all of her generous insight we left her a hefty tip, paid in all singles. 


Snow Workout: A Success Story

Who needs a gym when it's blizzarding and there are no libations in the house?

I suggest taking Caitlin's advice and going for a hearty hike to Anderson & Breed's with backpack in tow.

PEDESTRIAN ADVISORY: Stay close to the snow banks and go before dark. They are closing early today at 6 p.m.! If you do not buy soon, price gouging is likely to occur.