Soccer with South Americans

I joined a fĂștbol team two weeks ago and after my first two games I can feel my little league instincts kicking in, which means the first time I tried to head the ball it skidded down my face. We are the Amazonas, composed of moms from Ecuador and Colombia that bring their husbands and children to watch the games. I still don't know how they magically unload 8 people in a 5 man car without putting the kids in the trunk- suspect.

Two of my friends joined the team in the fall, Liz and Bryana, who immediately became the league's all-stars and American giants, because everyone else is barely 5 feet tall. I am the only blonde girl known set foot on the fields, so I have, despite my lack of foot skills, a strategic advantage in distracting the other teams by whipping my locks around. They even threw me in as goalie one day to see what kind of tricks I had in net, and we won!

The last game of the season is coming up and the captain and her husband, the coach, are throwing a fiesta! However, we have a game the next day to start the next season in a new league, so we can't get too rowdy.

El Prado: Madrid's finest

Thanks to Holy Cross, the eight students studying in Palma took a weekend field trip to Madrid. After just completing an art history course this semester, which covered many Spanish artists, the collection was much appreciated. The museum was less colossal than the Louvre, but had a modern interior that gave it a different feel. After leaving, I realized for the first time how much money museums have in their endowments for art restoration, general maintenance, and building additions-the building was perfectly maintained with fresh flowers, guards, and cleanliness. If I could, I would live there.

<< the Royal palace

We also walked around the Park of Good Retirement which was almost like a small town within Madrid with people rollerblading, biking, strolling, and rowing boats in the pond on Sunday afternoon. We found it easy to stay occupied in city center on our tight college budgets between the beautiful parks, plazas and historical buildings at every corner.



A Glenn Miller Story

I watched this last night with my madre and stayed awake singing to myself for hours afterwards. Here is a tribute to Glenn and his Orchestra on youtube.

The Orchestra performed in Palma just recently in December and I had nobody to go with, so I bailed on the opportunity. If I get another chance to hear them swing I will not hesitate.

My madre and I were wishing we could go dancing at cool improv jazz clubs, but I will prove to her that they exist- I just need to find them. What ever happened to classy jazz clubs? Oh right, the prohibition ended.

Family time

My madre's beautiful grand daughters at the family Three Kings party


and then came my Epiphany

So I have this idea. I am going to release an album, "AnnieLAND, where the band is always playing."
For my musical debut, I will create a song to listen to for every occasion, some of my ideas are for working out, dancing at the clubs, hosting a cocktail party, laying in the bath, driving in the car, cooking/cleaning, sleeping, and dancing by yourself.

I need to teach myself the keyboard and get a fresh look that will knock Lady Gaga to her knees, put Madonna in my shadow, and make Miley Cyrus my new best friend.

With that- I will revolutionize the music industry, shock the masses and be able to transfer my skills into movies where I will write/star in my own genius comedies and hire my friends to work with me.

You can say you followed my blog before I was famous- so you've got that going for you.

The Epiphany

Today is Three Kings' Day, also known as the Epiphany, and celebrated with gift-giving, parades, and lots of eating/drinking. Of course I celebrated with my Mallorcan family and ate and drank like a princess. Instead of doing a gift exchange with the whole family, we did a "secret santa" which they call "invisible king". I did not have anybody so I did no expect anything- that was quite the understatement!! I received gifts from not only my madre but a bracelet from her grand daughters!

After appetizers, drinks, 2 entrees, dessert, cava and liquor, I went out for a walk and coffee with the grand daughters who are my fairy stepsisters (they call me their cousin because we are the same age, but in the family tree I am technically their aunt).

WHAT A FABULOUS DAY! I am off to watch two movies back to back with my madre to wind down the evening and am sure to fall asleep with her in the salon.

Buenas noches a todos and a happy new year!