Marley Tribute

Tall and Blonde,
They form a special bond.
          From New York and D.C.,
          They united at HC.
Mulledy One Central,
Things got a little mental.
A year abroad didn't crack them apart,
Nothing could split their soul mate hearts.
           Now captains of club field hockey and both have brothers,
           They're natural milfs, they won't settle as mothers.
Still friends as seniors, as dictates fate,
YES, the Marleys live on- they're Caitlin and Kate! 

In this picture, they're just being Marleys.

Here, they're merely sophomores, but still nailing it. 

Today's Marley moment: Starbucks at 3:45 p.m. EST.  Waiting for my shot of espresso and her sugar free skinny vanilla latte, Caitlin turned to me and said (pointing), "You know, this is Kate's favorite cup currently for sale." She proceeded to fondly look over her shoulder at her Marley counterpart. Kate, on cue, turned as well and nodded her head.


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