Ever had your wisdom teeth out?

David is a young boy who went to the dentist to get oral surgery, took either laughing gas or was knocked out, and woke up scared for his life that he was going to be drugged forever.  His dad filmed their ride home from the dentist.
This poor kid. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing that this is his claim to fame, he will have a lot of friends in college.

I had my wisdom teeth out this summer and it was fun...
for the first week.
Then got dry sockets. I kept my mouth very clean and followed every instruction (unlike my brother who tried to drink a milk shake out of a straw 2 hours post-op) yet the sockets didn't heal for 2 months! I lost a lot of sleep due to pain and swelling and watched more movies than I could have imagined.  Warning for those of you getting this done. Make sure you give yourself adequate recovery time and call your doctor if you have any any any issues.  Too many horror stories.

Chris Farley breaks everything

Exhibit A: Meet
Matt Foley, who lives in a van down by the river. (Bear with the 15 second opening commercial).

Exhibit B:  Tommy Boy break pad pitch with David Spade.

Exhibit C: Meet man being pranked on a hidden camera tv show. (from last post)

Mint Julep facial and the Snuggie effect

Mmmm. I'm officially on spring break. It's Friday night at Holy Cross and most of the dorms are empty, with the exception of kids going on service trips and athletes going on training trips. I am relaxing in my room after tossing out foods that will go bad over break, attempting to pack efficiently, and eating a lots of Tostitos with salsa.  

I have a Mint Julep face mask on which can be purchased at my favorite store, CVS.  My friend, Kate, recently got me into masking about once a week.  Here's the stuff:

So, my face looks like the Wicked Witch of the West, I'm on my bed, wearing my burgundy Snuggie, and watching the only thing found on tv- "The Lord of the Rings." My break is off to a good start.
(Side apology note: I am taking a 15 hour bus ride to Kentucky for the next two days and I won't have any internet for a week, so bare with me and don't hold it against me, Abigail, who checks this site more than facebook and Perez combined.)

So on the hot topic of Snuggies- once upon a time I saw my first Snuggie infomercial.  I laughed thinking it was definitely a spoof ad from SNL (like the Chris Farley skit where he is lied to about his coffee brand*). But then I thought this would be funny to wear and be the missing ingredient to the perfect mid-afternoon nap.  So I ordered it without knowing there was no back to it- I thought it was like an armed poncho, but it's merely a backwards robe! Watch this Snuggie video that makes fun of it entirely.  


MANuary: a tight race to the finish

So my secretary, Caitlin, and I came in second place for fundraising by $40. The group raised over $3,000 total and we contributed $234 to the pool. Out of my 8 pseudo personalities, AKi Hiko Nakamura won! With Antoine close behind.
I pasted a very funny and informative video interview with the founders of MANuary, Mark Reeth and Matt Clemente from the Fox 25 News wesbite- they were on live this Wednesday!

Additional Disney movie

One of my followers noted that I missed a classic Disney original, so I'll add this to my list: "When You Wish Upon a Star" where Katherine Heigl got her start.  Who knew she was a Disney princess?



And so it begins... hope you all Catholics ate your favorite fat Tuesday foods and then got your ashes today.  Spring is my favorite season, it reminds me of training for lacrosse season and getting in shape (always a good feeling), snow melting and exposing the smell of muddy earth, waking up to the sun rising and not dreading the cold, and Lent! I just got back from the ten o'clock service and realized that Lent is fun. For the past 3 years I have taken on the Lenten duty of journaling in a diary every day, which helps me organize and digest my thoughts (kind of like blogging without the public aspect). I have encouraged a few of my friends to do the same and I can name 5 who have at least gone out and bought journals (who knows if they are being filled).  I have also decided, after a recent visit to the dentist, to floss my teeth every day. Flossing is not fun, but it does feel satisfying to get junk out that you never knew was there (reminds me of 5th grade when I would eat Oreos at snack time and then find leftovers in my retainer after school-mmmmmm).  So if you are Catholic or not spring is a time of renewal and we should put ourselves to work so that we can feel refreshed and ready at Easter, whether that be spiritual, physical, or mental (I can always put more effort into my school work). 

My preferred floss brand--->

I am not a fan of giving up certain foods that make me happy, so I will continue to eat glorious girl scout cookies and weight watchers pizzas, sacrifices I'm not willing to make to enhance my spirituality.  

Popular choices this year: limiting facebook time to on
ce a day/week, going to the gym 2-3 times/week, going to church weekly, not lying (an interesting choice), giving to charity, nightly/weekly family dinners


TLC: The Learning Channel (or The Lonely Channel?)

Jon & Kate plus 8 is definitely a winner.  But did you watch the special when the bed-ridden "World's Heaviest Man Gets Married"?**  This morbidly obese Mexican man got married and celebrated from his king sized bed the whole night (if you've seen "He's Just Not that Into You" then now you can feel like there is hope for us single ladies and gentlemen out in the world).  There are some truly remarkable stories, mostly tragic and eye catching, about unbelievable disorders.  This week's specials include "The Man Without a Face" about a man with a massive growth that is taking over his face, "Primordial Dwarfism" about the smallest children who the most rare form of dwarfism, "Children with Progeria" follows children who age rapidly (similar resemblance to Benjamin Button). These stories are informative (we are actually learning from watching "The Learning Channel") however, they mostly make us feel guilty as fortunate people who complain about the smallest things.  I'm a huge fan of freaks, mostly because I am one, so this channel is all about learning to love other people for their differences and appreciating the struggles they confront daily.  


Holler Freaks!! Now that you've showcased your tragic lives on tv you're no longer lonely!

Disney Channel original movies

Upon almost reaching 20, I consider these 90's movies a blast from the past.  I lived for these movies to come out in middle school. Friday nights/ weekend afternoons, I was on the couch exploring the magical world of Disney. If Disney uses subliminal messaging everyone my age must have been brainwashed exactly as Disney had planned during our tween years, either to drink more Coke or become addicted to technology and communication, because everybody watched a re-watched these classic coming of age movies.  

My top picks:
  1. Brink: Andy Brinker joins an inline skate team to win money
  2. Zenon: American version of the Japanese Sailor Moon anime series
  3. Johnny Tsunami: surfer moves to Vermont and learns to snowboard
  4. Smart House: House responds to their commands
  5. Motocrossed: girl pretends to be a boy...questionable, although if I saw MANuary candidate Antione on the street I wouldn't think twice about his gender
  6. Luck of the Irish: boy discovers he is a leprechaun
  7. Jumping Ship: the Lawrence brothers
  8. Cadet Kelly: Ren Stevens battles with Lizzie McGuire
  9. Double Teamed: the wicked tall, blonde basketball sisters
  10. Genius: Boy genius covers up his smarts to try and fit in. 
Legit, quality tv.   I can only hope that my kids will have their own Disney Original faves.


Studying abroad in paradise!

Palma de Mallorca, home of wealthy European tourists, tropical beaches, famous for yachting and sailing, and where I'll be spending 1/4 of my college career.  La Universidad de Islas Baleares was founded in 1978.   It was recently connected to the Metro train line that takes you to Palma's center. The island is accessible by commercial planes and ferry. They speak not only Spanish, but Catal├ín as well, so I better be trilingual by the end of the year. I will live with either a single mother or a widow, not in a college dorm room with other kids my age, and eat 1-2 of her questionable spanish meals daily.  The islanders' diet is mostly fresh fruits locally grown and fish that is locally caught.

Looks like San Tropez, right?

(Dora is representative of how fun it is to learn and love Spanish language and culture, although my Irish Catholic family has yet to understand why I am not studying in Ireland.)

Most people have heard of the soccer team Real Madrid, but Palma has its own stadium for their men's professional team, Real Mallorca.  I had hoped to join or set up a club golf team at the university, however I have just heard that this wealthy island only has private clubs and hotel courses ( hopefully I'll meet some nice locals that are members). But I found another possibility  through some connections with a Holy Cross professor, which would be interning at a jazz radio station to fulfill my cultural involvement requirement, que interesante!  

Dear blog follower, 
You have cordially been invited to join Annie at her homestay's house in Palma, Spain (or maybe hook yourself up with hotel reservations).
Pack a bathing suit, snorkel and maybe a few Euros so we can go out to the bars along the beach.
Regrets only.


MANuary update

I've been sick with a nasty cough- sorry for the delayed posts. Pathetic I know, but you'll get used to it. (reference: Summer Heights High).

So the recent progress has been posted and my secretary, Caitlin, and I are winning MANuary at Holy Cross with a total of $182.20 submitted in just this week.  That's how much we raised by going door to door. But the race isn't over until next Tuesday.  

My winning character is Aki Hiko Nakamura (Japanese samurai master wearing a bath robe and an elastic hair tie as a mustache).  
Antoine is a close second (gangsta in orange puff coat, similar looking to K. Federline).  

I am skiing tomorrow at Wachusett mountain, also owner of Polar Brewing Company (known for its flavored seltzer water and polar bear mascot).  The conditions are supposedly amazing with the recent snow fall, and although it will be freezing I am in need of a good ski (it's been a while).  So I'm off at 8 a.m. and hope to be back to campus in the afternoon, what a lucky gal to get decent morning of skiing in at a reasonable price. 

Call for daily snow conditions:  800-SKI-1234 or 978-464-5101 


So I was listening to this song in the library...

...and it sounds like it could be straight off a rap CD.  Sing this in your head to the tune of any Notorious B.I.G. song  (p.s. has anyone seen that movie yet? I need to know if it does biggy any justice).

"In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway american dream At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines Sprung from cages out on highway 9, Chrome
 wheeled, fuel injected and steppin out over the line Baby this town rips the bones from your back Its a death trap, its a suicide rap We gotta get out while were young `cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run." **

Could truly be the lyrics of either American genius, Biggy Smalls or Bruce Springstein. This just proves that Bruce is a balla baby.

**-Bruce Springstein, Born to Run


Appalaicha and Diane Sawyer = my spring vacay

I am going on a service trip to Kentucky for my spring break through a Holy Cross sponsored program.  I'm struggling with the concept of a 13 hour bus ride, but I've heard that making new friends, helping out poor communities, and connecting with under privileged Americans is what the cool kids do for spring break these days.  Some of my friends have recently traveled to Peru, Mexico, New Orleans, Virginia and Kenya for similar service trips and all have returned with positive reports.  I have no idea what I will be dong when I get there but I'm assuming that, because I was accepted into the program, I am qualified or they will just have to train me for whatever service I will be performing.  

This could be me

ABC's Diane Sawyer just aired a special on "The Children of the Mountain" all filmed in Appalachian Kentucky, not Baja Mexico, the Bahamas, or any run of the mill vacation hot spots where the rest of my friends will be tanning and clubbing with foreign men (suspect). 

Diane Sawyer's special on Kentucky is very legit. She interviews children who have grown up in the mountains of Appalachia and are hoping to escape alcoholism, family issues, and poverty.  The link has a few different short clips: informative, heartwarming, and a must see. 


Cross Roads Weight Watchers pizza

I'm not on the Weight Watchers diet (even if I should be), but I sit through my morning classes counting down until Cross Roads opens at 11 a.m. and dreaming of the W.W. pizza that they prepare for me even when it's not on the menu.  Some days I opt out of ordering the W.W. pizza and I am let down by a panini special that comes with unannounced pink mayonnaise (I do not tolerate mayonnaise, sour cream, yogurt, and cream cheese).  The pizza is made with one large circle of pita pocket bread smeared in red sauce and topped with shredded mozzarella, probably from a local gourmet Italian market. Made to order, it only takes the fabulous x-roads staff 3 minutes to pop one into their toaster oven and make my day.  

Loyal W.W. pizza hall of famers:

  • Molly O'Brienmy room mate who, as we get ready for bed, talks about her desire to order it for lunch tomorrow
  • Marymargaret Milleywho acts as if she's never had such delicious food every time she orders it
  • Abigail Carneyenjoys ordering 2 at once

If you haven't tried it, you are bound to love it.  The pizza comes as a meal with a soft drink and side of soup or chips. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't go tomorrow and get one.

<-- Frozen version also available in German grocery stores, probably decent, but not an HC favorite

Look at how happy she is! -->
This is actually my old baby sitter, Cheyney, 
who is now happily married and I don't believe ever did 
the Weight Watchers diet.
Nonetheless, a great spokesperson.


Manuary, getting hairy for a good cause

This year is the first official annual MANuary here at Holy Cross.  Last year two freshmen decided to grow out their facial hair for the months of January and February and trim their beards into funny designs and patterns. This year they've taken the challenge to the next level, getting the entire school and Fox News involved.  The 30 contestants participating this year are raising money that will go to Locks of Love.  By flaunting their facial hair they attract attention from students, family, and faculty who love the idea and then donate money to the cause.  The participants must submit funds they raise each week as well as a head shot of themselves and their hairy creations.  As incentive, the MANuary participant that raises the most funds will receive a gift certificate to one of Worcester's most famed restaurants, the 111 Chop House.

Mark Reeth and Matt Clemente, co-founders of MANuary
photo taken: MANuary 2008

Matt grew hair only on his neck, more commonly called a neard (or neck beard). While Mark sported a Mario Brother styled mustache.

As the only female participating, I am at a disadvantage with my lack of facial hair growing hormones.  But with careful planning I overcame that road block.  My secretary/sponsor, Caitlin Grunseich, and I created 8 pseudo personalities for me to take on and dress up as, all of whom have funny facial hair. We've been going door to door in girls dorms with photos and taking votes for their favorite manly Annie.   Meet the A squad:  







Andy Vanderbilt



Aki Hiko Nakamura

For more information look find MANuary information on the Fox News website:  Fox 25 News


Where was the mascot?

Today Holy Cross's Men's basketball lost to Bucknell.  Although the stands were packed, the loss could have been due to the lack of school representation, because nobody suited up as the crusader!! Luckily two gentlemen dressed up as other various farm animals, one full bodied chicken man, and the other wore a horse head.  This is the kind of spirit the school needs. Next game at the Hart Center is this Wednesday at 7 p.m. vs. Army.

Exhibit A: Horse Head making out with Chicken Man at an off campus party

Exhibit B: The Crusader... can you guess who's behind the mask?**

**The shortest recruited crusader to ever take the job: me.


Wish I had thought of this first... comedic genius, Chris Lilley

Chris Lilley stars as the three lead roles in the Australian tv show, Summer Heights High, which is set at a public elementary/high school.  The
show aired its first season on HBO and it has been rumored that Lilley will soon have a new show in the states.  

His three

Ja'mie: 11th grade female exchange student from a nearby private school who considers herself hot and popular.

Mr. G: The school's flamboyant drama teacher who wants to enhance the school's art department his Broadway quality teaching skills.

Jonah: an 8th grade delinquent boy who cannot sit still for 2 minutes, enjoys break dancing and tags the bathroom walls with graffiti.

Highly inappropriate, controversial and hilarious. 

Here's a clip from youtube:
summer heights high

*Side note:  My dad didn't know that the same guy played all three until he had seen three episodes. Chris Lilley is that talented.

Bluegrass music: the best music


Spring is coming- so relax and listen to the refreshing tunes of The Broken Blossoms.  For those of you in the Boston area, these guys play out of Cambridge and I've heard them a few times in intimate settings.  One of the band members, Andy Cambria, went to Holy Cross (class of '00).  Their website has free songs, enjoy!

Michelle watch, tres cool

BLING ALERT! These watches are only gaining in popularity among sorority girls. Here you have three different models 1.) "Coral" watch.  2.) stainless steel classic look 3.) fun toucan for summer and vacay.  Check out Michele.com to drool at these beauties and gawk at their prices!! My friends and I are waiting for our future husbands to shell out some serious dough we don't have*/ come on it's a recession and my job is being the school's mascot for pennies.

*But really- this recession is doing wonders for the average college girl, we don't have to save up for a month to buy a pair of jeans we've been eyeing, everything is on sale like crizazy!

Love blog for no one

It's Friday the 13th, and I have a love blog for no one, because I currently have no valentine (but things could change by tomorrow: t minus 7 hours to go).  I go to the prestigious Jesuit school known for its big-thighed girls, Bob Cousy, and for being on a hill (probably why we are all so large legged).  Yes it's Holy Cross in Worcester, MA- home of the Crusader (look for me in the mascot uniform at basketball and football games).  But there's still a chance that I will find a guy who will sweep me off my feet, or maybe help me up when I fall on my drunken ass from the ice covering this campus.  I dreamt last night that I was at an off campus party at 10 Chelsea (a house inhabited with Holy Cross's best house party throwing gentlemen, home to many of Project Blue Book's epic performances) but because it was a dream, all of my friends lived there and were throwing a rager (where my room mate and I luckily didn't get mustard bombs thrown at us, because, yes, that has actually happened). At a small school like ours, we must party with friends, frenemies, awkward x-lovers, because there are only so many places to throw back and everyone knows everyone- so we all end up together in the wee hours of the morn.  So there was an array of my favorite and not so favorite people at the rager and without anyone to sweep me off my feet I had a wonderful evening (as I do in most of my nights of sleep).  So with or without a man to shower me with flowers, I have lots to look forward to: 10 Chelsea parties (please let me celebrate my birthday there in April), a degree from an extremely labor intensive liberal arts college, and the mystery of  how the next 7 hours will unfold, will I go home with a friend or my secret valentine?