Taking it off

This Friday, my friends and I took a bus to Es Trenc, a long silky sanded beach on the southeast coast of the island, that is also nude friendly! All of Mallorca's beaches are welcoming to topless beach-goers, but this one invites people of all shapes, sizes and ages.  After a few hours of swimming, playing beach paddle and a long walk along the shore I was inspired by my inner island spirit to follow suit, and I went topless! It felt empowering and natural. The one boy in our group of students abroad was glad to know that we have such a close friendship that I could comfortably go topless with him.
(foreground: Bryana enjoying Spanish radio waves and UV rays
background: topless Annie praising the sea's salt air)

I can't say that participating in public nude activities is a new favorite of mine (i.e. nude sports, nude in the work place or at school or nude eating), but I find an occasional embrace of nudist culture to be healthy and fun, as long as the people I am with are comfortable and the beach isn't loaded with gawkers.  I will have to find some top-optional beaches in the U.S. to let the euro ritual live on.

For interesting articles and info on living in the buff, visit this adventurous site that publicizes nude restaurants, family ranches and hikes.

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