Cooking in a Spanish kitchen ain't easy

It is Saturday morning, you have just woken up after many hours out dancing and few spent asleep, and you must put on a dress and prepare a luncheon for Spanish women (who are champs in the kitchen and are born entertainers).

This was the reality my friend, Bryana, and I faced this weekend.  We are compiling a cook book/ restaurant guide as a year long independent study project and our two "madres" gave us cooking classes as part of it.  As a small thank you to them, we invited them to an American style meal at my apartment and to not worry or bring anything.  They expected us to fail or need their guidance in shopping and cooking, but we had them just where we wanted them.  We knew we could somehow pull off a few basic recipes and wow them with our common sense and creativity.

 (Opening a bottle of wine while the two mama's {Carmen and Antonia} pose for Bryana)
So that morning, we kicked my Spanish madre out of the kitchen, closed the door and told her not to return until one o'clock when we would serve and greet the guests. A little smoke and a slippery floor later, we had put together a three course meal that would make my mother's jaw drop.  As an appetizer to pick at were potato chips (store bought and a must have at all Spanish meals) and red wine. 

First course: Mango, avocado, mozarella salad
Second Course: Burgers seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and stuffed with bacon and onions with a side of grilled vegetables
Third course: Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.
(Bryana patiently and politely waiting to dive in for her first sandwich)

We enjoyed a sunny afternoon chatting and eating, but most importantly receiving praise for our talent in the kitchen. I have to admit that I was nervous up to the minute the doorbell rang, but the satisfaction of a hard-earned meal and their approval was worth the 45 euro grocery bill and the kudos we received from our madres.

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  1. ANNIE DE MI CORAZÓOOOOOOOOON! :D! mi abuela ya me contó lo de la comida en el palacio real!