Words anywhere .com

GO TO THIS SITE! Wordsanywhere.com

I just installed a wall decal in my bathroom with my favorite quote, "The cure to anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." I also bought bright orange headboard decals for my twin beds.

Between this site and some others I found by searching wall decals, I found lots of funky designs and false furniture, some examples are: night tables, lamps, plants and trees. I found fun bird cages and cartoons for kids' bedrooms, life size giraffes, penguins, monkeys, I bought a couple things for my room at home and am definitely making future purchases for my first apartment (assuming it is too small for furniture so I will have to fake it).

How pretty is this tree branch from Dali Decals? And you can pick your own colors for the branches and the flowers.


Indigo Girls

This duo of middle-aged women is still producing legendary music. Like Dave Matthews Band, their music is always good. Their new album (Poseidon and the Bitter Bug) is out and they are on tour with opener Matt Nathanson, also pretty talented and good lookin'. 
All of the IG's new stuff is on their website above.  M
y summer friends are addicted to their music. I'm starting to think it's time we pick up the guitar and get started- it's easy to connect with this music and their amazing voices.  It is also refreshing to hear the range of songs they've come up with while still retaining the IG character.

Website has clips of their recording sessions and links to things they are involved/interested in.

Bit by the biking bug

just bought a bike from a local shop- Brown's Bikes in Beverly (no relation to me).  I love going out and riding after work when it's a little chilly so I don't totally soak myself in sweat. To keep my legs burning I attached a basket and threw in an ipod/FM radio player which blasts everything from the Lady Gaga to Lionel Richie.  So far I have gotten positive feedback from passersby and especially children who sit on front porches or benches on the sidewalk who wave and are surprised by my music.

So this is the bike I (or my parents rather) purchased:  
But I am having a serious dilemma!!  I am a spinning fanatic and was hoping to really get moving on this bike for exercise and longer rides, not just cruising around for fun and into town.  This bike is beautiful, it's called the Cypress, manufactured by GIANT. But although it's fun, it's just not for everyone.  So I'm off to try and trade it in at Brown's, who buys and sells new and used bikes-just the people I need.  

Part of the grind

I'm now a working class hero, on the train by 7:45 and home by 6.  In my window office and eating lunch in a lounge, no longer a dining hall.  BUT I LOVE IT! I'm working at a non-profit organization in Boston, Community Work Services.  It is the oldest vocational rehabilitation facility in the U.S. where we train homeless and disabled people to get jobs- and what a better thing to be doing in this economy. We have lots of participants eager for our help!  

The organization is small and almost closed its doors 5 years ago.  Lucky for me, I am working with a solid team who has welcomed me in to their family and helped me get to know the industry in only 3 weeks.  I am also thrilled to be busy since the weather has not been acting like it's June recently.