Wish I had thought of this first... comedic genius, Chris Lilley

Chris Lilley stars as the three lead roles in the Australian tv show, Summer Heights High, which is set at a public elementary/high school.  The
show aired its first season on HBO and it has been rumored that Lilley will soon have a new show in the states.  

His three

Ja'mie: 11th grade female exchange student from a nearby private school who considers herself hot and popular.

Mr. G: The school's flamboyant drama teacher who wants to enhance the school's art department his Broadway quality teaching skills.

Jonah: an 8th grade delinquent boy who cannot sit still for 2 minutes, enjoys break dancing and tags the bathroom walls with graffiti.

Highly inappropriate, controversial and hilarious. 

Here's a clip from youtube:
summer heights high

*Side note:  My dad didn't know that the same guy played all three until he had seen three episodes. Chris Lilley is that talented.

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