Manuary, getting hairy for a good cause

This year is the first official annual MANuary here at Holy Cross.  Last year two freshmen decided to grow out their facial hair for the months of January and February and trim their beards into funny designs and patterns. This year they've taken the challenge to the next level, getting the entire school and Fox News involved.  The 30 contestants participating this year are raising money that will go to Locks of Love.  By flaunting their facial hair they attract attention from students, family, and faculty who love the idea and then donate money to the cause.  The participants must submit funds they raise each week as well as a head shot of themselves and their hairy creations.  As incentive, the MANuary participant that raises the most funds will receive a gift certificate to one of Worcester's most famed restaurants, the 111 Chop House.

Mark Reeth and Matt Clemente, co-founders of MANuary
photo taken: MANuary 2008

Matt grew hair only on his neck, more commonly called a neard (or neck beard). While Mark sported a Mario Brother styled mustache.

As the only female participating, I am at a disadvantage with my lack of facial hair growing hormones.  But with careful planning I overcame that road block.  My secretary/sponsor, Caitlin Grunseich, and I created 8 pseudo personalities for me to take on and dress up as, all of whom have funny facial hair. We've been going door to door in girls dorms with photos and taking votes for their favorite manly Annie.   Meet the A squad:  







Andy Vanderbilt



Aki Hiko Nakamura

For more information look find MANuary information on the Fox News website:  Fox 25 News


  1. I became a follower. It wouldn't let me post if I didn't! I laughed out loud at these ridiculous pictures. I applaud you but I'm a little disappointed that the Rodney persona of last year did not make an appearance. I suppose Andy is similar but I need the long flowing hair.

  2. The funniest thing EVER!!! Keep it up!

  3. Truly the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! Nice to know the tuition $ are going to a good cause.