Disney Channel original movies

Upon almost reaching 20, I consider these 90's movies a blast from the past.  I lived for these movies to come out in middle school. Friday nights/ weekend afternoons, I was on the couch exploring the magical world of Disney. If Disney uses subliminal messaging everyone my age must have been brainwashed exactly as Disney had planned during our tween years, either to drink more Coke or become addicted to technology and communication, because everybody watched a re-watched these classic coming of age movies.  

My top picks:
  1. Brink: Andy Brinker joins an inline skate team to win money
  2. Zenon: American version of the Japanese Sailor Moon anime series
  3. Johnny Tsunami: surfer moves to Vermont and learns to snowboard
  4. Smart House: House responds to their commands
  5. Motocrossed: girl pretends to be a boy...questionable, although if I saw MANuary candidate Antione on the street I wouldn't think twice about his gender
  6. Luck of the Irish: boy discovers he is a leprechaun
  7. Jumping Ship: the Lawrence brothers
  8. Cadet Kelly: Ren Stevens battles with Lizzie McGuire
  9. Double Teamed: the wicked tall, blonde basketball sisters
  10. Genius: Boy genius covers up his smarts to try and fit in. 
Legit, quality tv.   I can only hope that my kids will have their own Disney Original faves.

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