Mint Julep facial and the Snuggie effect

Mmmm. I'm officially on spring break. It's Friday night at Holy Cross and most of the dorms are empty, with the exception of kids going on service trips and athletes going on training trips. I am relaxing in my room after tossing out foods that will go bad over break, attempting to pack efficiently, and eating a lots of Tostitos with salsa.  

I have a Mint Julep face mask on which can be purchased at my favorite store, CVS.  My friend, Kate, recently got me into masking about once a week.  Here's the stuff:

So, my face looks like the Wicked Witch of the West, I'm on my bed, wearing my burgundy Snuggie, and watching the only thing found on tv- "The Lord of the Rings." My break is off to a good start.
(Side apology note: I am taking a 15 hour bus ride to Kentucky for the next two days and I won't have any internet for a week, so bare with me and don't hold it against me, Abigail, who checks this site more than facebook and Perez combined.)

So on the hot topic of Snuggies- once upon a time I saw my first Snuggie infomercial.  I laughed thinking it was definitely a spoof ad from SNL (like the Chris Farley skit where he is lied to about his coffee brand*). But then I thought this would be funny to wear and be the missing ingredient to the perfect mid-afternoon nap.  So I ordered it without knowing there was no back to it- I thought it was like an armed poncho, but it's merely a backwards robe! Watch this Snuggie video that makes fun of it entirely.  

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