Cross Roads Weight Watchers pizza

I'm not on the Weight Watchers diet (even if I should be), but I sit through my morning classes counting down until Cross Roads opens at 11 a.m. and dreaming of the W.W. pizza that they prepare for me even when it's not on the menu.  Some days I opt out of ordering the W.W. pizza and I am let down by a panini special that comes with unannounced pink mayonnaise (I do not tolerate mayonnaise, sour cream, yogurt, and cream cheese).  The pizza is made with one large circle of pita pocket bread smeared in red sauce and topped with shredded mozzarella, probably from a local gourmet Italian market. Made to order, it only takes the fabulous x-roads staff 3 minutes to pop one into their toaster oven and make my day.  

Loyal W.W. pizza hall of famers:

  • Molly O'Brienmy room mate who, as we get ready for bed, talks about her desire to order it for lunch tomorrow
  • Marymargaret Milleywho acts as if she's never had such delicious food every time she orders it
  • Abigail Carneyenjoys ordering 2 at once

If you haven't tried it, you are bound to love it.  The pizza comes as a meal with a soft drink and side of soup or chips. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't go tomorrow and get one.

<-- Frozen version also available in German grocery stores, probably decent, but not an HC favorite

Look at how happy she is! -->
This is actually my old baby sitter, Cheyney, 
who is now happily married and I don't believe ever did 
the Weight Watchers diet.
Nonetheless, a great spokesperson.


  1. I definitely never did weight watchers - Just was hired for 3 covers. And not to break the hearts of many avid W. W. followers, most of the people inside the magazine are models too - completely hired, and so not dieters. So much for truth in advertising.
    xoxo Cheyney

  2. Fair enough- we are all trying to look more like you every day! Whatever works