Love blog for no one

It's Friday the 13th, and I have a love blog for no one, because I currently have no valentine (but things could change by tomorrow: t minus 7 hours to go).  I go to the prestigious Jesuit school known for its big-thighed girls, Bob Cousy, and for being on a hill (probably why we are all so large legged).  Yes it's Holy Cross in Worcester, MA- home of the Crusader (look for me in the mascot uniform at basketball and football games).  But there's still a chance that I will find a guy who will sweep me off my feet, or maybe help me up when I fall on my drunken ass from the ice covering this campus.  I dreamt last night that I was at an off campus party at 10 Chelsea (a house inhabited with Holy Cross's best house party throwing gentlemen, home to many of Project Blue Book's epic performances) but because it was a dream, all of my friends lived there and were throwing a rager (where my room mate and I luckily didn't get mustard bombs thrown at us, because, yes, that has actually happened). At a small school like ours, we must party with friends, frenemies, awkward x-lovers, because there are only so many places to throw back and everyone knows everyone- so we all end up together in the wee hours of the morn.  So there was an array of my favorite and not so favorite people at the rager and without anyone to sweep me off my feet I had a wonderful evening (as I do in most of my nights of sleep).  So with or without a man to shower me with flowers, I have lots to look forward to: 10 Chelsea parties (please let me celebrate my birthday there in April), a degree from an extremely labor intensive liberal arts college, and the mystery of  how the next 7 hours will unfold, will I go home with a friend or my secret valentine? 

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