TLC: The Learning Channel (or The Lonely Channel?)

Jon & Kate plus 8 is definitely a winner.  But did you watch the special when the bed-ridden "World's Heaviest Man Gets Married"?**  This morbidly obese Mexican man got married and celebrated from his king sized bed the whole night (if you've seen "He's Just Not that Into You" then now you can feel like there is hope for us single ladies and gentlemen out in the world).  There are some truly remarkable stories, mostly tragic and eye catching, about unbelievable disorders.  This week's specials include "The Man Without a Face" about a man with a massive growth that is taking over his face, "Primordial Dwarfism" about the smallest children who the most rare form of dwarfism, "Children with Progeria" follows children who age rapidly (similar resemblance to Benjamin Button). These stories are informative (we are actually learning from watching "The Learning Channel") however, they mostly make us feel guilty as fortunate people who complain about the smallest things.  I'm a huge fan of freaks, mostly because I am one, so this channel is all about learning to love other people for their differences and appreciating the struggles they confront daily.  


Holler Freaks!! Now that you've showcased your tragic lives on tv you're no longer lonely!

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  1. Oh no!! No Jon & Kate +8 is soooo painful! If the wife wasn't on the show, I could tolerate it, but she is just too bossy for me to watch. How he stays with her is beyond me. Do you get Style Channel? I'm addicted to Clean House!