And so it begins... hope you all Catholics ate your favorite fat Tuesday foods and then got your ashes today.  Spring is my favorite season, it reminds me of training for lacrosse season and getting in shape (always a good feeling), snow melting and exposing the smell of muddy earth, waking up to the sun rising and not dreading the cold, and Lent! I just got back from the ten o'clock service and realized that Lent is fun. For the past 3 years I have taken on the Lenten duty of journaling in a diary every day, which helps me organize and digest my thoughts (kind of like blogging without the public aspect). I have encouraged a few of my friends to do the same and I can name 5 who have at least gone out and bought journals (who knows if they are being filled).  I have also decided, after a recent visit to the dentist, to floss my teeth every day. Flossing is not fun, but it does feel satisfying to get junk out that you never knew was there (reminds me of 5th grade when I would eat Oreos at snack time and then find leftovers in my retainer after school-mmmmmm).  So if you are Catholic or not spring is a time of renewal and we should put ourselves to work so that we can feel refreshed and ready at Easter, whether that be spiritual, physical, or mental (I can always put more effort into my school work). 

My preferred floss brand--->

I am not a fan of giving up certain foods that make me happy, so I will continue to eat glorious girl scout cookies and weight watchers pizzas, sacrifices I'm not willing to make to enhance my spirituality.  

Popular choices this year: limiting facebook time to on
ce a day/week, going to the gym 2-3 times/week, going to church weekly, not lying (an interesting choice), giving to charity, nightly/weekly family dinners

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