Ever had your wisdom teeth out?

David is a young boy who went to the dentist to get oral surgery, took either laughing gas or was knocked out, and woke up scared for his life that he was going to be drugged forever.  His dad filmed their ride home from the dentist.
This poor kid. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing that this is his claim to fame, he will have a lot of friends in college.

I had my wisdom teeth out this summer and it was fun...
for the first week.
Then got dry sockets. I kept my mouth very clean and followed every instruction (unlike my brother who tried to drink a milk shake out of a straw 2 hours post-op) yet the sockets didn't heal for 2 months! I lost a lot of sleep due to pain and swelling and watched more movies than I could have imagined.  Warning for those of you getting this done. Make sure you give yourself adequate recovery time and call your doctor if you have any any any issues.  Too many horror stories.

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  1. I had all 4 of mine plucked at once. One was tricky due to a nerve...I didn't plan enough recovery time either. I couldn't stomach any pain meds & just had to tough it out. OUCH. Funny part, I was so nervous the Valium didn't kick in until I was done with the surgery (someting to do w/stress). Not a pretty picture.