Appalaicha and Diane Sawyer = my spring vacay

I am going on a service trip to Kentucky for my spring break through a Holy Cross sponsored program.  I'm struggling with the concept of a 13 hour bus ride, but I've heard that making new friends, helping out poor communities, and connecting with under privileged Americans is what the cool kids do for spring break these days.  Some of my friends have recently traveled to Peru, Mexico, New Orleans, Virginia and Kenya for similar service trips and all have returned with positive reports.  I have no idea what I will be dong when I get there but I'm assuming that, because I was accepted into the program, I am qualified or they will just have to train me for whatever service I will be performing.  

This could be me

ABC's Diane Sawyer just aired a special on "The Children of the Mountain" all filmed in Appalachian Kentucky, not Baja Mexico, the Bahamas, or any run of the mill vacation hot spots where the rest of my friends will be tanning and clubbing with foreign men (suspect). 

Diane Sawyer's special on Kentucky is very legit. She interviews children who have grown up in the mountains of Appalachia and are hoping to escape alcoholism, family issues, and poverty.  The link has a few different short clips: informative, heartwarming, and a must see. 

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