reporting from my parent's Jordan's Furniture couch

Beautiful weather, a 6 day Easter Break (gotta love the Jesuit school calendar), and access to the golf course and beach. 

Last night I ate with friends at The Wild Horse Cafe in Beverly, which was a first for me and an oldie but goodie for my friends.  I've always heard they have good food, but boy do they have good food!  Comfortable environment, felt like I was up in Vermont with the funky mismatching couches and fabrics, the bead board rustic green walls, and the warm lighting.  There is a dining room and a bar with lots of seating and two menus.  There are lighter fare options, and comfort food for the soul for all seasons.  Try the desserts, too.

Today I went to Newbury St. in Boston to get lunch and shop with my madre. We ran into a friend from HC and enjoyed walking around in the Boston sun.  We stopped in at the Nespresso store, which if you haven't heard is all the rage for you coffee drinking feigns.  A subsidiary of Nestle, this is the fastest growing company in the country.  My mom has installed her own machine in our newly redone kitchen and renamed it "Cafe Cathy".  Not only will she save on her home brewed lattes, she doesn't have to leave the comfort of our home each blisteringly freezing winter morning or show her unmade face and 
sweat pants to every resident of our town.  Now that's a DEAL! I'm not a coffee drinker, but this machine has changed my mind- from lattes to cappuccinos to coffee and any kind of flavor from around the world, I feel like a queen when I taste one.

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