Belltower Books

I am one of the new Belltower Books representatives on campus, which means we are taking down the school's book store monopoly and buying back any and all books from students for a higher price.  Go to the website during exam week to make an appointment with me and I will come to your door with cash.  It sounds like a scam but it's NOT! I bring a tote bag and a price scanner to your door and exchange cash for your books.  And it's not even just the books you used for this semester or in school at all, we will most likely buy any book from you.  The more I sell the higher my commission, or a percentage of my sales.

About the company: Belltower Books was founded by two Cornell students roughly 10 years ago and has been ever expanding to hundreds of schools.  They came to our campus 2 years ago and are still going strong.  

It's a recession and I'm a starving college student, support the cause and sell to me!  

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  1. hey i hope you did well i am the campus captain at Canisius in buffalo