Dress as your Favorite American

This was the party highlight of last weekend.  Lindsay Lohan and Sam Rohnson popped in holding hands, Richard Simmons did some jumping jacks, Chris Brown and Rihanna had some issues, and I dressed up as Bernie Madoff (probably the least favorite American on most peoples' lists).  

This was a great party idea and was open to lots of creative options.  It also wasn't a theme where girls use it as an excuse to dress like hookers, which made it more fun and unique.  People came dressed as a range of icons from current pop and political figures back to the 80's and even back to Amelia Earheart's time (pretty sure she had a hand sewn leather helmet on if I remember correctly).

So hats off to a successful night full of surprises and laughter. Keep 'em coming.  I hope I still throw costume parties when I'm older.

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