recap of turning 20!

Today was my birthday, April 5th is always epic, also known as National "Go Broke" day where we are all supposed to go out and take a risk on gambling or love or whatever.  Unfortunately, I have no money to go broke with and love is light-years away.

My parents and I celebrated at a Worcester restaurant, the Sole Proprietor and I got an enormous birthday cake in the shape of a Red Sox hat!  You can tell how much my dad and I enjoyed it.

Then the real party began.  My room mate, Molly, and I celebrated our day apart birthdays by throwing a Jock Jams theme party. An Annie Brown wannabe even showed up!

Everyone looked quite jocked out as we jammed to the 90's classics such as "Whoomp there it is" and "I like to move it move it" and "Tootsie Roll".  Not sure how, but each birthday seems to top the last!  Cheers to my parents for having no children left in their teens!

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