Country Club Thursdays

This could be the next best thing for me:
1.) I get out of class at 3:15 and head to the car already dressed for golf, which doubles as a tennis outfit.
2.) Play a few holes from 4 to 5:45. Walk in to the club house from the 7th or 8th tee. Quench my thirst at the snack shack.
3.) Head back to campus with my Prince (not Charming, but rather my tennis racquet), take off my windbreaker and get ready to sweat it in a doubles match.
4.) Get a nice dinner for free at the dining hall (similar to signing the bill for your parents to receive at the ned of the month) 
5.) Successful day of playing social sports for 4 hours! Hit the showers and finish my homework.

My very talented mixed doubles partner from the summer, Henrik, and I playing on the grass!!! (check out
his blog for his ski updates out in Colorado and extremely cool videos of him and friends skiing)
Hitting up the links with my family out in Cali at Clint Eastwood's course, Tehama.
I can't think of a better way to enjoy the spring by staying outdoors and managing my time.  This better become my Thursday routine.

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