Easter Eve

Sitting on the couch with the rentals on Easter's eve watching The Ten Commandments.  My posts are all from the couch, because that's where I set up my computer and charger, but I promise I have moved from the couch since coming home on Wednesday.  WHen I was a wee woman, I always loved dressing up for Easter Sunday in whatever pastel floral dress my mom had picked out for me.  We would go to mass and then brunch with friends and family.  A few years ago, my dad and I discovered the sunrise service held at our town's beach.  It is pretty painful to wake up in the dark and drive down (if you really are ambitious you will hit up Dunkin Donuts on the way) but it is fun to watch the sunrise and start the day off with a  very abridged version of mass.  I'm sure a lot of you are looking forward to breaking Lent and hopefully have learned a lot from your sacrifices, but I didn't give anything up so I've been indulging in soda and sweets and will continue to do so tomorrow.
Happy Easter.
I hope the Easter Bunny comes tonight!
I don't know the little guy in this photo, but I have many pics with the same bunny.  Maybe I'll get the chance for another tomorrow?

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