Post Easter Break- crunch time at the Cross

Batteries recharged after a 5 day weekend at home and for me and many others the stakes are set high and we are grinding out work in full gear to the finish.  Exams end May 9th, just in time for warm weather and graduation parties.  Last Friday with a high of 70 in the Woo not too many people were cramming in the stacks.  As the year closes the senior class gets in the habit of drinking daily (to forget about their soon to be jobs or failed attempt of finding one) and they post photo albums of pictures from freshman year.  Meanwhile, the rest of us keep studying and preparing for the future hoping that our efforts will reap rewarding job opportunities or prestigious grad school admission.  Hopefully the economy will pick up and there will be jobs by the time I need one in 2011.

Side note: I feel like the Rev Run from Run DMC who has his own tv show, Run's House, because I wrote this from my BlackBerry.  He posts prayers and reflections to his fans through his BlackBerry every morning while relaxing in the bathtub of his multi-million dollar home.  I mean I write it from school where we don't even have baths, so I guess our situations can't really be compared, but hey I got a new BlackBerry so SHIZZAMMM. (Yeah, Julia, I said it. I love having this addictive phone and I don't care who knows it!)

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