What to name my children

So I have a generic name, Anne, which is a patron saint of something and is conservative and common in my family.

Does that mean I have to follow the trend in my family, or is it P.C. to branch out and give my children absurd modern names? 

I'm having a tough time with this puppy- it's not like I'm fifth generation of the Anne Catherine Brown lineage (not that that is possible, because women typically take on their husband's surnames), but what would be more appropriate: to name my children after traditional conservative Christian saints or after something that I find either inspiring, fun, or spiritual in my own way.  I've been wrestling with this since 7th grade, even though I don't plan on having kids for a WHILE.

Good thing I have a few years to make these decisions... 

or is now a good time to tell my parents that this belly isn't from college drinking, but that I'm preggers?


  1. I have 2 children & I would say when the time is right it's def up to you. I picked 2 names that are no where near the top 100 list but that is fine by me (Isabelle & Elliott). The names work well with our last name & I think they are classic names which was important to me.
    You'll figure out what is important to you & what goes with your last name & all that...while you are hormonally all over the place. Makes perfect sense right?

  2. What a beautiful strong name you have, Anne Catherine.