Weekend review

Who wouldn't want an overcast day that feels like the Scotland/Ireland climates to get homework done on a Sunday? It was a brisk 45 degrees in Worcester today and there was not much going on.  Quite the contrast from yesterday's hot hot hot 65!!!!! Intramural softball started up, frisbee and footballs were being tossed outside, and a badminton/volleyball net was set up outside of Mulledy beach (the grassy area in front of the freshmen dorm fondly called the beach).  I would call that a successful weekend. 

Dressed in pink skirts and ponytails, my softball team, The Girls Next Door, played the Bet Wetters, a team of sophomore boys who apparently like to wet their beds.  This non-competitive, approximately 4 inning long, fun game allowed us to catch some of spring's early rays.  The opening pitch was thrown at 1 p.m. on the freshmen fields while an actual women's varsity softball game played along side us.
For those of you who aren't in the 32 team league of softball players, I suggest that you join next year.  It's an ongoing tradition and unless you take a ball to the face, it is fun for everyone no matter what the skill level! 
Pretty soon the Sox will be back in town to PLAY BALL!

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