Polar Beverages

A family run company (I'm pretty sure it's 5 generation) and owner of Wachusett Mountain ski resort, Polar Company has a factory just down the street from HC.  They make the best seltzer drinks and I always have my eyes peeled for them at grocery stores, CVS stores and Targets in Massachusetts.  I'm not sure how far they distribute, so I can't say I look for their drinks in many places outside of New England and New York.  They brew ale and flavored ale, which I have never tasted but am sure they are tastey, for those who are 21+.

They even sell beer taps from their company's website-->>

They supposedly sell variety packs of different flavors in cans which I have yet to find anywhere. And here is a colorful video from Youtube that displays their many flavors.

*I'm currently gulping down some of the diet Raspberry Lime 2 Liter bottle.

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