St. Patrick's Day/week

When St. Patrick's day falls on a Tuesday, our school celebrates from the Friday before up to the day of.  This was quite the week at the Cross.  ( I use the term "celebrate" to broadly define all forms in which fun and positive merrymaking occurred).  The dining hall was a zoo last night with everyone dressed in some form of green, whether it be shamrock leggings, green suspenders, shot glass necklaces, green striped top hats, and nudity, and there was a lot of fun without anyone getting hurt (to my knowledge).  Lucky for some of us, me, some professors gave out tests today, the day after the week-long celebrations ended, which means I got to put lots of extra studying time in last night!! 
The Worcester police had their hands full between the dining hall, monitoring and ticketing all of the parked cars on and off campus for visiting guests, shuffling kids around on the streets, and most importantly enjoying the holiday with college men and women who truly appreciate and love to celebrate.

Congrats to Holy Cross for a successful celebration that comes but once a year (but at least we make it last)

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