Themed parties. BRING THEM BACK

This fall there was a boom of theme parties. I guess they're still going on, but they aren't attracting many festive costumes, because they are boring. (Highlighter/ black light, Golf pros tennis you-know-what's,  Principals and school girls (very odd), Get lei'd (lu'au), Toga, Jerseys, Anything but clothes, 80's, Cowboys and Indians, Risky Business)

Fanny pack party:

We wore fanny packs and looked good doing it. This was pretty cheap and funny, we still got to wear dresses. Practical as well-- we kept our phones, IDs and cameras on our waists all night.

so let's throw some ideas out there... 
Spice Girls party (yeah, guys would half to go tranny, no big d)
Your Favorite American
Guido/ gaudy 
Power couples
5th graders
Letter party (dress up as anything that starts with the letter...)

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  1. You must do a Grey Gardens theme! And if you don't know what Grey Gardens is have Netflix overnight it! You could live off that theme til you graduate.