Spend *Twenty Eleven* like you're in Hangover Heaven

All the rage in 2011:
- Hot studly hunks dressed in formal or even moderately appropriate party attire- PSYCH! But a girl can hope. But carrying a classy handkerchief wouldn't kill you.
- Blogging is the new black.
- Punta Cana is so college.
- Nude beaches (wait, those are always in- just a reminder for you spring breakers!)
- Intramural softball.
- Molly and Annie's annual birthday FIASCO (male stripper and 10 Chelsea party not included)
- Nostalgia.
- Entry-level jobs?
- MANuary (is Mark Reeth still doing that, because I need to defend my title.)
- Champagne
- Donating meal swipes to your loyal senior buddies
- Olive Garden (Worcester's Grand Opening January 17th, 4 p.m.)
- Match.com, maybe eharmony and definitely Goholycross.com
- Pocket sized Advil and Tums

- Friday classes. Turn your fifth week day into Freedom Friday and dress in your most American of apparel (butt-less chaps, Native American headdresses, peace pipes, Levis)
- Now that it'sour final semester everything is considered "classic", so we can retire that term, broskis. 
- Vegetarianism.  Meat is in. So fresh. Raw.
- Flannel shirts, unless you are a Gallagher.
- Daisy Dukes and bikinis on top.
- Parents texting their kids on Friday night to ask how the library's going.
- Not exercising. Boost your energy by, say, joining a spin class! How about one that I teach?!
- Over priced cupcakes, they're out. Fortunately, gourmet tacos are IN!
- Valentine's Day.  I'm making that statement now, so when it comes around I won't need to acknowledge it.

*Disclaimer: I usually seem to be ten years ahead of the trend, so confide in me as a reliable trend setter (Like when I tried making one-piece swimsuits cool in 9th grade. And now these C-List celebs are wearing them heeey heyyyy!!
The Affleck's daughter

Snookie Snooks

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