Snow day? It's not just wishful thinking. It's a probability.

The units of the compound release "Preparing for Climate Change: Responsible Snow Day Planning".

1. Lock down a keg from Big Bob.
2. Conduct the Triple S warm-up (preemptive shovel/ sled/ snow angel stretch).
3. Arm all building exits with sand and salt reinforcements.
4. Spray boots with water repellant protector.
5. Secure at least two seasons of the O.C. (preferably 1 and 2).
6. Pool magazines, nail polishes and 100 calorie packs in each house as bartering material.
7. Research blogs, newspapers, barstool, and entertaining political articles by or about Paul Giorgio.
8. Connect to Twitter and follow all of the Kardashians (including Mason) and the Worcester Sharks.
9. Print out E-res articles due Thursday.
10. Prepare a toast to Father McFarland.

Holy Cross's photo blog, which, as Ja'mie would say is "so totally random," is decent as well.

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