Real Housewives of Worcester

The rumor is confirmed- In Spring 2011, BRAVO will air the SEASON PREMIERE of The Real Housewives of Worcester, based at Holy Cross. Although the houses are not CRIBS worthy, and all of the women are unmarried, the characters still consider themselves to be housewives, because they are wedded to the idea of throwing the best parties in their houses. The apartments featured will be of utmost decadence and the characters decked out in Worcester's hottest fashions (pink Timbs, patriots jerseys and Fighting Irish tatts).
The season premieres with a dinner party at a certain College Hill apartment. The housewives will head to PriceChopper to pick up provisions, Walmart's hair salon for blowouts, Tanorama for a little bronzing, and if their wallets allow, a final stop at the Shell station for some scratch tickets, to add to the thrill of being frivolous!
The gentlemen attendees will pick up beer and libations from Big Bob's Liquor Store (and take their time taking photos in the back room's refrigerator, smoke some stogies/dip for a while, maybe pop some corn) and eventually show up to the party.  Then drama will COMMENCE... Tune in at the end of the January for some scary, sexy debauchery.

I've been waiting all break to reveal the claddagh tattooed to my love handle.

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