Soccer with South Americans

I joined a fútbol team two weeks ago and after my first two games I can feel my little league instincts kicking in, which means the first time I tried to head the ball it skidded down my face. We are the Amazonas, composed of moms from Ecuador and Colombia that bring their husbands and children to watch the games. I still don't know how they magically unload 8 people in a 5 man car without putting the kids in the trunk- suspect.

Two of my friends joined the team in the fall, Liz and Bryana, who immediately became the league's all-stars and American giants, because everyone else is barely 5 feet tall. I am the only blonde girl known set foot on the fields, so I have, despite my lack of foot skills, a strategic advantage in distracting the other teams by whipping my locks around. They even threw me in as goalie one day to see what kind of tricks I had in net, and we won!

The last game of the season is coming up and the captain and her husband, the coach, are throwing a fiesta! However, we have a game the next day to start the next season in a new league, so we can't get too rowdy.

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