El Prado: Madrid's finest

Thanks to Holy Cross, the eight students studying in Palma took a weekend field trip to Madrid. After just completing an art history course this semester, which covered many Spanish artists, the collection was much appreciated. The museum was less colossal than the Louvre, but had a modern interior that gave it a different feel. After leaving, I realized for the first time how much money museums have in their endowments for art restoration, general maintenance, and building additions-the building was perfectly maintained with fresh flowers, guards, and cleanliness. If I could, I would live there.

<< the Royal palace

We also walked around the Park of Good Retirement which was almost like a small town within Madrid with people rollerblading, biking, strolling, and rowing boats in the pond on Sunday afternoon. We found it easy to stay occupied in city center on our tight college budgets between the beautiful parks, plazas and historical buildings at every corner.


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