and then came my Epiphany

So I have this idea. I am going to release an album, "AnnieLAND, where the band is always playing."
For my musical debut, I will create a song to listen to for every occasion, some of my ideas are for working out, dancing at the clubs, hosting a cocktail party, laying in the bath, driving in the car, cooking/cleaning, sleeping, and dancing by yourself.

I need to teach myself the keyboard and get a fresh look that will knock Lady Gaga to her knees, put Madonna in my shadow, and make Miley Cyrus my new best friend.

With that- I will revolutionize the music industry, shock the masses and be able to transfer my skills into movies where I will write/star in my own genius comedies and hire my friends to work with me.

You can say you followed my blog before I was famous- so you've got that going for you.

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