First beach day

It was hot hot hot in Manchester today, peaking at around 90.  I would assume worse in Boston, though. A great beach day, although the water hasn't warmed up enough to bare swimming in.  Swarms of people will be hitting up beaches all weekend and if I may recommend one, it would be Singing Beach, Manchester's finest.  It is already very popular for the Boston crowd, because they only have to hop off at the train station and walk a quarter of a mile with their chairs and coolers. Easy as pie. And on your way back to the train there is a tiny ice cream store en route that serves huge portions of home made delicious flavors, good ole Captain Dusty's.

(Side note: Please excuse that only half of this photo is shown, and the fact that it's focused on one lady's bikini bottom).


  1. I think you mean you can't bear to swim, unless you mean you are going to swim bare?

  2. I think you mean you can't bear to go into the water, not that you are going to bare yourself in the water? he-he!