End of Cape Week signifies the start of summer!

After finishing final exams many of the HC folks head to Cape Cod for an infamous week of fun in the not-so-sun (because it's still May in New England).  A great way to kickback and start the summer, yet a sad time when it's time to pack up and head home, because we either won't see our friends until school starts in the fall, or in a year from now because we are studying abroad (this is not the case for me, because all of my friends WILL visit me), or we are graduating (which no senior would like to admit or discuss while partying on the cape, but still toasts to the past four years with their classmates).  As a sophomore, I understand the process as being quite drawn out for the seniors.  They have a two week + period between their final exams and the day they suit up in gowns and shake Father McFarland's hand on stage.  For the duration of those two weeks, every member of the senior class (and those who associate with them closely) has a drink in their hand and a smile on their face.  I'm sure it gets to be rough when you notice the belly you have grown just in time for graduation and family parties to ensue.  And with each passing class in a small college such as HC, the juniors step up to plate to set the tone of the proceeding year.  
I am happy to have jumped ahead in the matriculation process at Holy Cross by studying abroad for a year.  As I see it I'm a senior, and I've heard that my experience abroad will be culturally and fun filled, so I'm expecting a very easy workload, contrasting with any junior year on the hill.  Hasta luego Holy Cross y buena suerte a todos los licensiados!

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  1. HAAA... the "growing belly" comment is gold.
    i couldn't fit into my lilly dress for my graduation party, literally. like i looked preggers.