Spring Awakening

Racy and fun, plus who doesn't love some teen angst?
I went with two friends to see it in Boston at the Colonial Theater for only $25 each! Students can go an hour before the show and get really good seats in the Mezzanine section.  I wouldn't recommend it for a families or little children, but I do know people who love to see it with their families...anyway, a MUST SEE for a flashback to middle school.  You will want to buy the soundtrack, because it's nothing like a traditional musical with sing songs.  The songs led by females are generally poetic and lyrical, while the male led songs have a punk flare.

This is a music video of "Mama who bore me" with a recording of the performance I saw at the Colonial.  And this is "Don't do sadness" which gives a hint of how the guys rocked the show.

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