A new day, a new beach

Please take note of the shirt: Mike Brown is my dad.

This was taken at a touristy beach (Palma is a popular vacation spot for German vacationers). As we were soaking up the sun and wading in the sand bars, a troop of German guys walked by singing German beer hall songs and wearing some sort of leiderhossen/soccer uniform combination. It was only midday but I'm sure they were drunk. I've learned that Germans like to socialize, with anyone, and will drink with anyone at any time of day. The idea is very friendly and open, but it can be disastrous. Say you are stuck on a train with some thirty-something year old German men and they begin pouring Dixie cups of wine for everyone, walking between all of the cars making jokes with each other and end up sitting with with you, in a small two-seater. Especially when you're not sure if they are normally accustomed to talking face to face with young American girls (leaving a mere inch between your noses) and saying "I love you" in broken, drunken English.

To finish, Germans are pretty cool, before they get creepy.

So en la Playa de Palma be warned of the German tourists (some teenagers were funneling beer at the beach- at NOON).

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